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Cámara Gags

Genre: Candid Camera (non-verbal) 

Format: 26 x 25’

Number of pieces aprox per programme: 10

Total number of pieces aprox: 260

“Camera Gags” is a programme of sketches of non-verbal humor based on the popular format of hidden camera pranks.

“Camera Gags” looks around for unwary people and involves them in funny situations so that they can react spontaneously. The jokes are aimed for a family audience so that everyone in the house can have a good time, from children to grandparents.

Every piece is introduced by a mimic presentation and has a length of two and a half minutes. Each part is rounded off with the reactions of the unsuspecting subjects when the hidden camera and the prank are discovered.

The show is produced in 4K-UHD and it is available in HD and SD


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