DURACIÓN: 6 x 50’

TAGLINE: The largest environmental catastrophe in Europe.


A sailor, a journalist, two volunteers, a hermit and the captain of the Prestige are the protagonists of a series that reconstructs the most important environmental catastrophe in Europe. “Prestige” narrates the experiences of a group of normal people who try to solve their problems while one of the greatest natural disasters of recent times unravels. 


An exciting story that focuses on FIVE PERSONAL STORIES that tell the same event: the sinking of the Prestige, from different perspectives. A catastrophe that seventeen years later could be repeated once again.


In 2002, the “Prestige” sinks with 77 thousand tons of fuel off the Galician coast causing an unprecedented natural and economic disaster. This event triggers a thus far unknown phenomenon: a wave of solidarity


On the 17th anniversary of the catastrophe, "Prestige" retells this historical event through an exciting series of six episodes that reconstructs what happened during the sinking of the tanker. A series BASED ON REAL EVENTS that tells the story of the disaster through five human stories and that gives a voice to different nationalities and  generations to create one overarching story. Each chapter focuses on a personal story that serves as a metaphor for what happens in the Prestige catastrophe. 


SyNOPSIS by episodes

EPISODE 1: November 14th, 2002

CARLOS (55), a sailor of the Gran Sol, spends his days off with his family but his wife Rosa (50) has news for him that ends his peace of mind forever: his wife wants a divorce. The long seasons away from home and personal diferences have meant a death sentence for their marriage. 


Without friends to vent to, Carlos goes to the house of Juan (22), his newly married son whom he barely knows. Father and son reconcile on a drunken night where Carlos tells anecdotes of his many trips around the world. The night, which ends up being cathartic for both, ends in front of Muxía's port and before a disturbing image: a ship, the Prestige, which, much like Carlos, is also adrift. 

CHAPTER 2: November 13th, 2002


the Greek captain of the Prestige, sends an SOS message to the Coast Guard. Inside the Prestige there are moments of tension and fights among the crew, especially between sailors, adolescent and inexperienced, who fear for their lives. 


Apostolos is not willing to lose his job just months before retiring and he recalls, along with the chief engineer, the odyssey that has led him to captain the Prestige: a story wrought with irregularities and problems he has faced in the recent months and that culminates with the tanker taking on water. With the great iron giant about to sink, Apostolos evacuates the crew and is left alone before a dark and uncertain destiny. 

CHAPTER 3: November 17th, 2002

CAMILLE (22), a Belgian university student and activist, watches the Prestige disaster on television. Unmotivated by her studies and her family life, she decides to pack up and leave without telling anyone. MIREIA (25), who works in a supermarket, hears the news about the sinking ship from the mouth of one of her customers. Tired of the tyranny of her boss, she quits her job and buys a bus ticket to Galicia. 


Both set course for Muxía where they meet and discover the power of the solidarity that is felt during those days in the coastal town. After several days of living together and, despite the difficult working conditions as volunteers, Camille and Mireia fall in love but their paths will soon separate again.

CHAPTER 4: November 19th, 2002

ANA (33), a journalist and single mother, arrives in Muxía to try to relaunch her career and secure her job as a correspondent for a British newspaper that is undergoing budget cuts. 


Leaving her daughter in the care of her dysfunctional mother weighs heavy on her conscience and causes her great distractions from her work. Ana finds a bleak landscape in this fishing village but also a group of women and men who behave like a true family. At the same time that the ship is sinking, Ana discovers something that will change her life and that of her daughter: she is seriously ill. 

CHAPTER 5: December 28th, 2002

1962After traveling through Europe, Manfred, a German teacher and artist, arrives in Galicia excited by the folklore, legends and myths of the community. In Camelle and in the midst of the local festivities, he meets the Baña family, the only German speakers in the area. The family behaves like a true refuge for him, the youngest of the Bañas being his drinking buddy and best friend.


Together they have a thousand different adventures until a love disappointment radically changes Manfred's behavior, and he becomes a troubled and eccentric man. This spiral of self-destruction culminates with the expulsion of Manfred from the Bañas' home. From this moment on, Manfred becomes a hermit and lives his life dedicating his love to nature in Galicia.


Forty years later, Manfred, who has become "Man de Camelle", experiences his second disappointment in love when the Prestige floods the sea, marring the nature he loves so much. The pain is so unbearable that Man dies of grief a month after the catastrophe. 

CHAPTER 6: October 15th,


MANGOURAS  prepares mentally to face the trial of the year by talking with his family over the phone. In a bar in Madrid, Carlos follows the media coverage of the trial with his new partner. As for Mireia and Camille, in their respective homes, they are also interested in the trial and the daughters of Man de Camelle arrive in Muxía to prepare the next museum exhibit in honor of their father. 


Just when the trial ends, Mangouras being found somewhat guilty, a Galician filmmaker begins making a documentary about the "Prestige" that brings together the testimony of several people involved in the catastrophe. Everyone agrees: the disaster could be repeated at any time.