DRAMEDY | 8x50’


TAGLINE: “Never underestimate what a woman is prepared to do to regain control of her life.”
STORYLINE: Three women, overwhelmed by personal problems and financial difficulties, steal the money that a criminal gang planned to launder by building a shopping mall in a small farming town.



This comedy-drama, in an 8x50‘ format, focuses on the lives of three women facing unknown situations and who, along the way, succeed in finding the manner of solving their personal problems.


The conflict between the rural and urban settings, the empowerment of women and family problems are current, universal issues with which any audience can identify. A narrative that blends suspense, love and intrigue: all the ingredients needed to become a hit.


In Veres, Carolina (49), a headstrong cattle breeder, is reluctant to sell off her land – the only remaining memory of her late husband – to a group of business investors that plan to build a shopping mall in the area.
Behind the project is a dangerous criminal gang that wants to use the project as a money-laundering scheme. They have a group of allies in the town: the dysfunctional Castro clan, bank manager Raul Abraira and even the local mayor, Marcos Moure.
However, Eva (47), the banker’s wife, discovers her husband’s plan to run off with his young mistress and all their savings. What’s more, Lucia Veiga (33), an attractive former beauty queen and singer with a music band, finds out that her ex-husband and mayor of Veres, wants to obtain custody of their daughter.

Carolina, Eva and Lucia are united by their personal and financial difficulties and together they hatch a plan that could solve all their problems; namely to steal the money that the Castros jealously guard in one of their industrial units. A daring strategy that could put their lives in danger, especially if the criminal gang heading the operation discovers their intentions.


A cattle breeder prepared to go to any lengths to
protect her livelihood

Sarcastic, headstrong, curt

Carolina is the owner of a cattle farm. She has a drink problem and a strong character, but also a fundamental weakness: a paralysing fear of doctors. Her personal problems, a difficult relationship with her daughter Elena and her husband’s death from cancer for which he never received treatment, have turned her into a solitary woman and something of a recluse.
Her objective is to hold onto her land and the family business, as well as looking after her granddaughter Sara, a teenager that she hardly knows.


eva santana (45)

A lawyer whose entire life is a lie

A career-minded, city lover who is emotionally

Eva is a successful lawyer who lives in the city with her husband, Raul Abraira, the bank manager in Veres. Her ruthless approach to her work contrasts sharply with her insecurity and lack of confidence in her personal life. Negotiations for the sale of family land in Veres lead her to discover that her husband is planning to leave her for a younger woman and rob her of her life savings.
Her objective is to become an independent woman and safeguard her future despite her husband’s devious plan.

lucIa veiga (33)
A model and cover band singer who is much more than just a pretty face
Determined, intelligent, desperate

The lead singer of the music band “Texas” and Miss Galicia 2002. Her beauty is her greatest downfall, as it attracts all types of shady characters, including her ex-husband and mayor, Marcos Moure, a manipulative character who makes her life impossible. A decadent and unstable lifestyle, travelling from gig to gig, as well as financial difficulties, have done nothing to undermine her overwhelming sense of self-confidence.

An expert in keeping her head above water, Lucia is driven by the desire to secure a future for her daughter and keep her with her, whatever it may take.

raUl abraira (47)
A banker in love who plans to give up everything to
run off with his young mistress

Untrustworthy, sly and a show-off

Raul is an immature character who is going through a second youth with his young mistress Rosalia, an Architecture student. In order to finance his new life with his girlfriend, he has got involved with a criminal band that is planning a money-laundering operation.

His objective is to obtain enough cash to run away to the Caribbean with Rosalia. However, his wife, who he considers to be insecure and easy to manipulate, is about to spoil this idyllic plan.

marcos moure (40)
A scheming character anxious to get his daughter back
Ambitious, manipulative

Marcos is the mayor of Veres who, together with the Castro clan and local bank manager Abraira, is involved in the money-laundering operation. Moure has never got over the fact that Lucia Veiga, who he treated as a trophy wife, decided to leave him.
His objective is to win back his ex-wife by means of devious plan that consists of obtaining custody of their daughter as a way of pressuring Lucia to go back to him.


Fernando Castro (58) rules over the family clan with an iron fist. His children, Rosa (32) and Andres (20), are his pawns who obey his orders to the letter. These criminals have a single objective: to get rich quickly thanks to the money-laundering operation they are involved in with a gang of criminals.



The Robbery: The Dangerous Adventure Of Three Flowers

Faced with the need to find a new direction and guarantee their futures, Carolina, Eva and Lucia join forces to steal the money of a criminal gang and alter the course of their lives. In the process, the three women must learn to defend themselves and take on a dangerous band of criminals.

Money Laundering

A gang of delinquents traffickers intend to launder money through the construction of a shopping mall, with the help of Moure and the Castro clan.

Carolina’s reluctance to sell her land is one of the obstacles stopping the gang from putting their plan into action. The second obstacle is the theft of a large sum of their money by Lucia, Eva and Carolina. This endangers the criminals plans, and they will stop at nothing to get it back.


In order to secure their future, Carolina, Eva and Lucia steal money from a gang of criminals, putting their lives at risk. An adventure that will enable them to resolve not only their financial difficulties, but also their personal conflicts.

An adventure that helps Carolina to solve her drink problem, make peace with her daughter and learn to trust others. Eva becomes a confident, independent woman and discovers that Veres is the perfect place to make a home. In turn, Lucia secures a better life for her daughter, away from her ex-husband Marcos Moure.



A feminine story

Placing women at the centre of the action offers a unique perspective to this series, sending out a highly topical message: Women united will change their lives and the world around them.

The personalities of the three protagonists help viewers to identify with them, as they represent a broad range of natures.


A surprising twist that sets it apart from classic robberies  

A highly original initial approach that combines emotions and intrigue with and traditional customs and lifestyles, creating a storyline guaranteed to keep the audience hooked.


A universal conflict: tradition against modernity


Although the weight of the series falls mainly on the three protagonists’ character development, the story alludes to universal conflicts, such as the impoverishment of the rural environment, gentrification, or the contrast between tradition and modernity. From a realistic perspective, the series embodies life in a town devoted to livestock and how the arrival of progress and technology can destroy their way of life. Social protest and associationism serve as a backdrop for this series.


Natural settings, an essential aspect of the plot


The landscapes and settings play a vital role in the way the plot  unfolds and confer a unique character on this project.

Social problems: rural fight

The series puts the spotlight on a modern-day problem: the gradual abandonment of the countryside in favour of cities and the need to modernise rural life.


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